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Bee in the Moment with The Hive Energy Studio

Integrating all aspects of our true nature, in the pursuit of inner harmony


Our Mission

Bee Brave

 To bring yoga to children ages 4-17. To teach our students the breathing techniques and behavioral guidelines of yoga. To facilitate an environment that leads to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness, and encourages children to play without worrying about being wrong.  To build self-esteem and self respect. To do this with gratitude in a non-harming, truthful, and respectful way. To help children achieve a sound mind and body and a calm mental spirit. To develop a child’s sense of wonder and to help foster a strong sense of self, so they know where they belong in this world.


Classes We Offer

Children's Yoga


 6:15 pm Yoga Ages 7-9


 6:15 pm Yoga Ages 10-13


 6:15 pm Yoga Ages 7-9


 6:15 Yoga Ages 10-13

Adult Yoga 14 and up


10:00 am Buti Yoga

7:30 pm Buti Deep


7:30 pm Buti Yoga


10:00 am Yoga HIIT


10:00 am Buti Yoga

7:30 pm Yoga HIIT

*All classes are drop-in and open to the public.

Contact Us

51 Shields Street

Breslau, ON

N0B 1M0